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Land Transport in Lebanon is not usually suitable for all countries, as it is the best for certain countries. As for the rest of the countries, sea freight or air freight transportation may outperform it for several reasons, such as the nature of the distance, prices, international agreements, and the like. Therefore, until you choose Land Transport in Lebanon in the appropriate case from the company Halms Wings Logistics In this article, we offer you a statement of the most important countries in which this type of transportation is preferred over others.

Land Transport in Lebanon of the United Arab Emirates

The fame of land transport between Lebanon and the UAE is due to the agreement signed by the two parties, which encourages this with many procedures and facilities related to the matter, which dates back to 1998, and by the way does not include the transportation of goods only by land but also by air, and individuals can move from Lebanon to the Emirates. And vice versa through road transport as well.

Jordan and the land transport between it and Lebanon

The preference for land transportation in this case is due to the close distance between Jordan and Lebanon; these two countries with Syria were known in the past as one country, the Levant, which indicates the proximity of the two countries for sure, so the best in this case is undoubtedly land transportation.

Iraq and land transport in Lebanon

And it is an important country in this type of transportation due to the fact that it connects Lebanon with Iran also through various land routes, and we always find there are talks between the two countries to secure this type of transportation. This is in terms of border crossing and the nature of customs and roads between the two countries.