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In this article, there are answers to a group of important questions about Sea Freight in Lebanon so that it is easier for you to understand everything related to the field, which undoubtedly positively affects your business.

Does Sea Freight in Lebanon prices affect product prices?

Certainly, the costs of any shipping are added to trade expenses with the wholesale price, customs, etc., and the lower you get sea freight quotations, the more this will have a positive impact on the prices of your goods and your profit in general.

How long does Sea Freight in Lebanon take?

The time varies depending on where the products will travel to, as well as the size and quantity of the products, and their readiness for travel.

Generally, we at Halms Wings Logistics give you a full report on how long the shipping through us will take with the reason or reasons for the shipping taking for that period.

What are the port customs that you bear in sea freight?

Of course, it varies according to these same ports, is it in Lebanon or in another country according to the laws of the country itself, there is also a difference according to the nature of the goods themselves and their quantity, and in general, Halms Wings Logistics does not get any money from you regarding this matter until after you submit the clearance documents Customs for your goods, to know exactly where your money goes.

What are the most important ports in Lebanon?

In fact, the ports in Lebanon are divided into legitimate ports: Beirut Port, Sidon Port, Tyre Port, Tripoli Port, Jounieh Port etc… But in all cases, Halms Wings Logistics chooses the safest and best ports for your trade and goods, in order to guarantee them the highest levels of safety.