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Land Transport / Freight

We guarantee fast and safe transport for your packages.

At Halms Wings we have decided that customers should choose our Land transport or freight not only on the basis of the lower price of Land transport compared to other shipping and transport methods, but also on the basis of many advantages including, of course, the availability of equipped trucks, each of which is suitable for certain types of goods.

For example, some foodstuffs need large refrigerators during transportation, and so on. And during the contract, even if you, as a customer, did not order a truck equipped with a special type for your goods that you wish to transport.

Halms Wings determines which truck is suitable for your goods so that they do not suffer any damage in transit.

This is very important for start-up entrepreneurs who are still taking their first steps in the business they have decided to do business in.

The employees who work at Halms Wings are highly skilled and very experienced. From customer service to truck drivers. This makes the work very professional.

Halms Wings also ensures that all legal paperwork for overland shipments you transport meets all terms and conditions and procedures. So that no problem of any kind occurs at the land borders of any country from or to which it is shipped.

Finally, we would like to emphasize that Halms Wings has changed the usual view of freight and Land transport. Which is always late for the agreed dates under many circumstances. However, Halms Wings shipping schedules and Land transportation are extremely disciplined both in delivery and receiving.

With all the aforementioned advantages, Halms Wings did not raise the prices of its Land transportation from the competitors based on the fact that it provides a better service. Rather, we find that the prices are lower than those of competitors.

This is what always attracts customers to us because we combine simple price and high quality of services.

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Optimize your packaging, materials sourcing, and so much more with Halms Wings Logistics.

Halms Wings Logistics services via sea, land and air. We will protect you from risk and liability.

Track Your Shipments

Between the point of departure and destination there is Halms Wings Logistics.

Halms Wings Logistics keeps your business in motion and your cargo on track.

Halms Wings Logistics

More Solutions

Halms Wings Cargoes is a Global Supplier of Transport and logistics Solutions.

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Sea Freight

The Sea Freight’s biggest advantage is the massive payload that only a fleet of land trucks or a squadron of planes can handle. Safety factors are very high with Halms Wings.

Air Freight

Air freight in Halms Wings has a range of features that make it the best choice for many business owners for the transportation of the goods they trade. Our air freight also has very distinct prices.

Cargo Insurance

We do not imagine that any business, no matter what, dispenses with insurance. It reduces the risks and losses that there is an inescapable possibility that they may occur.

Import & Export

Export and import are the basis of commercial transactions in any country in the world. Hence, Halms Wings sought to provide various import and export services.

Storage Warehouse

Warehousing is a very necessary process as it is the link between production and marketing. It gives any company security so that it can provide the market with all its needs.

Vehicle Shipping

At Halms Wings we have decided that customers should choose our vehicle shipping or freight not only on the basis of the lower price of vehicle shipping compared to other transport methods.